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I will use the term Model when talking about piece that holds data. That means that you can substitute the word for every node of data Multipass has in that context. be it a Contact, Label, 'Human', ..

Model is a programmatic term and somewhat synonymous with object


A board is a visual tool that empowers you - and your other active members in the team- to manage any type of project, workflow, or task tracking.



A Human is someone who is an active member of your team. Someone who you work with, internally. This can be someone who has an Account or not.

Humans are different from Persons, those are bound to a Contacts and are used for external connections.


Label (Taxonomy)

A Label is a way to group different kinds of [Models] together. In Multipass a Label can be used on all the different kinds of Models. They can be nested to create a hierarchy that works for your [Team].



Status (Taxonomy)



Teams are the core of Multipass. Each Team has his own database inside Multipass. Everything is bound to a single Team. You can however below to several Teams, with different roles.

A Team usualy contains several Team Members, working together; but you can create your own personal Team.

A Team can be anything, including:

  • a group of people working together on in a society
  • a small company
  • your personal team containing your own family data and relationships
  • and much much more

Type (Taxonomy)

A [Type] is way to add a specific meaning to a Model. In contrast to a [Label] a [Type] is specific to one type of Model and cannot have children.


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