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Supercharge your admin 🎉

With Multipass you can organize your digital data, think Client-info, Products, Suppliers, .. in one single place.

Multipass is focussed on the needs of: Makers, Freelancers, Consultants, Startups, Non-Profit, Small Businesses, and other Fantastic Humans.

In short: everyone who needs to organize their digital data; and works in a smaller team, or alone.

At this time we are only allowing users to register via an invite link.

A data rocket

All your digital admin in one app

Just an easy to use, simple yet powerfull webapp

App screenshot v2020
Structured data

Say Goodbye to spreadsheets, say Hello! to a robust normalized structure in which you can easily enter and view relationships for companies, organizations and individuals.

We are all Humans :)

With our 'Humans' concept, you can virtually monitor the work of others in your team who are not users in Multipass.

Everyone is unique

Not everyone likes text. Some people prefer colors, or even emojis. Multipass allows you to do just that. Sensibly. Or not.

For Makers, By Makers

Easily create Products, Make Assemblies, re-use them, make different Assemblies with the same products, create Variants, and more.

Sell Your stuff

Yes, we have a Cost Price Calculator for your clients too. A complete webshop is coming soon.

Multipass: a diverse Passionate Team

We are a mixed team of makers, wizards, hackers, and tinkerers. We got your Back.

A human growing


A list of growing Goodies

Multipass is a growing project. We are adding new features and goodies all the time. Here is a list of the current features:

App: Contacts

A robust normalized structure in which you can easily enter and view relationships for companies, organizations and individuals.

Taxonomy: Labels

Labels, tags or labels, ... short words that ensure the identification of the disorganized data. The same Labels can be used on different types of data inside Multipass.

Taxonomy: Types

With Types, you can group your data into categories. For example, you can create a type "Author" and then create a Contact with the name "Terry Pratchett".

Assembly line illustration

For Geeks only..?

How does it work?

User Focussed Development

We are working with a closed group of people. This allows us to focus on the right things. We call them the Experts.

Advanced security

Each Team has his own seperate database + S3 space out of the box. Currently we also support 2FA and session management.

Powerful API .. in the making

At this time our public API is limited. However we are currently slowly opening up more of our internally used routes.

Database backups

Every night, Handles our internal Bot, makes a copy of each database to a secret bucket on S3. Backups are kept with a x day retention period.

From the blog

Learn how your peers use Multipass to grow their business 🦆

Freelancer: meubel-klusjesman

Freelancer: meubel-klusjesman

Korte kennismaking. Deze freelancer neemt allerlei projectjes aan die te maken hebben met meubels. Of het nuschilderen is, timmeren, zagen, ontwerpen of herstellen. Dankzij Multipass kan hij zijn klanten en leveranciersbijhouden en verliest hij nooit meer iets uit het oog.

Burkina Faso scholenproject

Burkina Faso scholenproject

Korte kennismaking Met een team van zes mensen zetten ze lokale acties op touw om geld op te halen voor een scholenproject in Burkina Faso. Ze hebben bijvoorbeeld al een sinterklaasactie en een paasactie die elk jaar terugkeren. Met Multipass werd het digitaal bijhouden van alle contacten, taken en bestellingen een eitje!

VZW de positieve verandering

VZW de positieve verandering

Marleen zet zich al meer dan 20 jaar in voor mensen die het even moeilijk hebben. Op de hoeve "Hangmat" kan zo'n mens weer op adem komen. Het Hangmat concept wil ze nu ook digitaal aanbieden. Tijd voor opkuis in de contacten.

Together we'll create..
Clever Tools that Work for Humans
Discover, Define, Develop, Deliver, Evolve –repeat

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