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Your username and password for the Mutlipass application. You have 1 account for everything that is Multipass aka you log in with this account and have instant access to all your Teams.

The basic info of your account is copied to the Team database you have access to. Passwords and other security info is never shared and always encrypted.

These Human clones as I like to call them, allow you to change certain info in each Team. Maybe you have another nickname or another e-mail? you can override these with in your Human profile!

All links between data inside a Team is done with this tightly linked Human clone. If you or another Team member should move on, this clone remains. Leaving all historic data intact.


The different parts of Multipass are defined by different apps. An App bundles specific functionality to achieve a certain goal.


To identify each Model in your Team, you are required to give them a displayname that is unique. This name is shown inside Multipass on all the lists, select boxes and other UI elements.


A small table that summarize the most important characteristics. You can filter this list. You click through on the displayname to see or edit more details.


I will use the term Model when talking about piece that holds data. That means that you can substitute the word for every node of data Multipass has in that context. be it a Contact, Label, 'Human', ..

Model is a programmatic term and somewhat synonymous with object

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