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A [Type] is way to add a specific meaning to a Model. In contrast to a [Label] a [Type] is specific to one type of Model and cannot have children.

Type vs Label

Even when you think your [Label] will only be used on one type of [Model], it might be a good idea to use a Label instead of a [Type]. This way you can use the Label to group Models together and the Type to add a specific meaning to a Model.

You can also use a Label and a [Type] at the same time, and this is actually a good robuust idea to create powerful hierarchies. Sometimes this way of structuring data will allow for minimal repetition of data.

Remember: you can always change your mind later on!


What is the difference with a [Label]?

  • A [Type] is specific for one type of Model.
  • A [Label] can be used on all the different kinds of Models.
  • A [Label] can have children, a [Type] cannot.
  • You actually can have a [Label] 3D and a [Type] 3D at the same time.

When to use a Type?

  • When you do need to create a hierarchy
  • When it does not make sense to use the same Type on different kinds of Models. For example: land line only makes sense for a [Phone number].
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