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Everyone that exists in your Team's internal structure, belongs in Humans.


who works in your companyHumanBill
a clientContactHR consult
... his accountantContact → PersonHR consult → Mr Smith
a soccer team that plays in your TournamentContactDe Kampioenen
... the goalie for that soccer teamContact → PersonDe Kampioenen → Xavier
the goalie of your soccer teamHumanBernard
your soccer teamTeamHT Legends
the person who delivers the beerContactDe Brouwer
the external accountantContactAccounting NV
accountant on your payrollHumanBob
someone who needs access to your DBHuman + AccountAnn
a family that bought a carContactThe Smiths
the contact info of the father of a child you look afterContact → PersonsThe Smiths → Bill
all the family membersContact → PersonsThe Smiths → Bill, Martine, ..
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