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Every Contact has the ability to have multiple Persons. These act as the details of a contact. For business they can be the people that work there, for a family these are the family members, ... If your person is an individual who is not bound to an organisation, you have two options:

  • create the individual as a 'Contact'
  • create a 'Contact' that is a box to collect those persons, eg Individuals.

Create a contact

Let's create your first contact: hit the red Add button on the right corner below and choose the Card icon. A dialogbox 'quick create contact' pops up. The minimum information required is:

  • Displayname

A displayname can be

  • an organisation, eg Rode Kruis
  • a shortcut for a long company name, eg Howest for Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen.
  • a name of an individual, eg Paul Boone.

Click SAVE to return to the listview. Great job, you see your first contact.

Ordening contacts

With Contact Type and Labels you organise your contacts. More about these concepts in the dictionary... Remember: Labels are used across all apps, Contact types are descriptions only available for contacts.

Contact has loaded