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On every website documentation is used to enrich structured information. We call it media. In Multipass you can add this kind of information in some parts of certain apps. There are two ways:

  • you upload a file in the media app. It is store in Multipass.
  • you use a hyperlink referring to an online image outside your Multipass.

Media is the app where you collect a wide range of files you need to extent functionality. Two typical functions are

  • documents such as PDF files for instructions, certificates, ... or
  • images. Typical examples are visuals such as photos, drawings or videos.

How to ...

... add new media

It's time to upload your first media, an image.

Click right below on the button `add`. Choose - copy/paste one URL from a browser. - Paste the URL in the text box and confirm with 'import'. - upload one or more files from your system (preferred action). - Click on the paperclip to select one or more files. Confirm with 'upload'.

Wait while the file(s) or uploaded. 'Close' appears. Click to confirm and to return to the media list view. Congrats, you see your first image. Automatically a thumbnail view is generated (can take upt to 5 seconds).

... update media details

Working with the Listview

In the listview you see some detail information about a media file. Goto 'listview in dictionary' to learn the general operation.
IDAutogenerated unique number. If you delete a media, the number disappears.
TypeAutomatically filled in, based on the file extension of your file. Synonym for this mediatype is 'kind'.
ThumbnailAutomatically generated small preview icon, 80x80 pixels small. If you don't see a preview, the file extension is not recognised.
DisplaynameText that is used in the Apps to select a media. Tip: use a structured way of naming the files
AltSmall text that is shown before a file is loaded.

Working with the Detailview

Best practice: edit as soon as possible properties of your media. It makes life easier later on. Click on displayname to open the detailview. Now you can view or edit details or properties. There are 4 panes or parts.

Part_1icon 'edit'behind this button you edit 4 text fields: Displayname, Publicname, Alt and Description.
Displayname: can not be empty.
Publicname: leave blanc to show the displayname in external views.
Alt: small text that is shown before a file is loaded or if a website runs without loading images.
Description: text read by screenreader software
3 dotsAutomatically filled in, based on the file extension of your file. Synonym for this mediatype is 'kind'.
button '+ADD'used for adding a new note in part 4
Part_2'who can see this?'2 values are possible: Public = the whole world can see or Private = only visible inside your Multipass team.
'Media Type'Choose 1 value from a list of types you have defined in the taxonomy for Media. Empty list or missing values? Follow the instructions for Taxonomies > Media type.
'Labels'Choose 1 or more values from a list of labels you defined for use in your Multipass team. Empty list or missing values? Follow the instructions for Taxonomies > Labels.
Part_3icon 'overview'Overview of your details, inclusive your custom fields.
icon 'preview'a bigger thumbnail of your media.
icon 'code'code or link that can by used in other apps. Use copy/paste for a reference to the Thumbnail, Preview, Original Document or Responsive images set.
Part_4timelineList with actions in the time. Another name is history or versioning. In this list you see who and when properties has been added or changed. In the list your notes are included.

... delete one or more media

You delete one or more media via the Listview.

  • Select one or more items by clicking the box.
  • Above the list a counter shows the number of selected items.
  • Top right, select the sandwich menu - 3 dots - and choose Move to Bin.
  • Congrats, the items are removed and the view is updated.

You deleted the items by accident?

  • Select the bin icon in the top right menu.
  • Click the box for the item(s) you want to restore.
  • Above the list a counter shows the number of selected items.
  • Top right, click 'restore from bin'.
  • Congrats, go back to the App > Media to see the items restored.

... use media files

Now you have media in your Multipass team, it's time to use it.

in the product App

Prerequisite: The instructions below only works if you have at least one item in the Apps where you want to use media. Typical this image can be used as a highlight or 'featured' picture in your website or webshop.

- You add a media file via the Detailview of your selected product. No products in your listview? Follow the instructions in the guide for `App > Products`. - In the detail-panel click `edit` to open the items. Make your selection based on the DisplayName. Click tab or somewhere near the item box to confirm your selection. Below the page a small text is displayed 'image updated'. - You selected the wrong media? Click x or select another item to update the current item.

What you should know about

... media file formats

Allmost all common file formats can be uploaded. Not all file formats have a thumbnail view. You can see the contents of the file via the preview-tab. Bitmaps: Media is limited to the use of following extensions:

  • preference for images on the web: jpg, png.
  • attention: the (new) Apple default standard - heic - is not yet supported.
  • images with extension bmp are not suitable for use on the web.

... update media content

A media file can not be changed. If the content is wrong, delete the media and upload a new file.

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